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We estimate the number of potential duplicate records to be 818,068.

6,781 Data sets
• Description only 4,630

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Records by date
National Species Lists
Accepted names195,424
Species names152,080
Species with records111,566
478 Spatial layers
Contextual layers 134
Environmental/grided layers 344
Terrestrial layers 418
Marine layers 36

Records by state and territory
Most recorded species
273,855 Type specimens
Holotypes 51,283
Lectotypes 3,962
Neotypes 489
Isotypes 26,182
Types with images 1,046,878

DNA barcode data
Pages 54.93M
Specimen labels transcribed 600,255
Fieldnotes pages transcribed 75,680
Volunteers 3,393
Expeditions active 11
Expeditions completed 1,200
Total expeditions 1,632
Conservation status
Status# species
Endangered 2,752
Near Threatened 5,039
Least Concern/Unknown 349
Listed under FFG Act 0
Extinct 111
Parent Species (Unofficial) 0
Records by data provider
Bird life Australia 13.62M
Office of Environment and... 9.24M
Australia's Virtual Herbarium 5.48M
OZCAM (Online Zoological... 4.67M
South Australia, Department for... 3.10M
Northern Territory Department... 1.49M
CSIRO Oceans & Atmosphere 1.45M
Global Biodiversity Information... 1.01M
Australian Antarctic Data Centre 748,483
Reef Life Survey 366,210
Nature map 324,668
Digi vol 198,690
Australian National Insect... 193,694
Questagame 123,978
European Molecular Biology... 118,898
Field data / Biological Data... 95,399
Citizen Science - ALA Website 78,561
Climate watch 77,363
Queensland Department of... 60,510
Flickr 58,212
University of Adelaide 56,490
CSIRO National Fish Collection 45,518
Australian Seedbank Partnership 43,912
Barcode of Life 35,694
Wolli Creek Preservation Society 33,416
Atlas of Life in the Coastal... 19,719
Coral Reef Research 13,867
Gang-gang cockatoo survey 13,441
Australian Ecological Knowledge... 3,200
Not supplied 33.07M

Records by institution
Australian Museum 1.33M
Centre for Australian National... 1.00M
Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria 902,403
Queensland Museum 865,201
Museums Victoria 836,024
Western Australia, Department... 793,623
The Royal Botanic Gardens &... 739,983
Department of Environment,... 730,801
Department of Science,... 543,454
Western Australian Museum 523,852
South Australian Museum 502,746
Commonwealth Scientific and... 450,599
Landcare Research NZ Ltd 352,867
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery 278,247
Department of Land Resource... 273,678
Auckland War Memorial Museum 257,493
Museum and Art Gallery of the... 229,837
Australian Tropical Herbarium 181,588
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa... 164,214
University of New England 85,292
Queen Victoria Museum and Art... 84,825
University of Adelaide 56,477
James Cook University 25,671
Scion 22,548
The University of Melbourne 20,128
University of Canterbury 17,599
Massey University 16,374
Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority 11,687
Queensland Department of... 11,384
University of Wollongong 11,092
Not supplied 64.50M

Occurrence tree
Records by life form


Records and species by decade
Occurrence downloads by reason
Other scientific research 1.11M events 3.17B records
Ecological research 312,041 events 3.06B records
Scientific research 131,997 events 3.40B records
Education 17,938 events 1.27B records
Collection management 10,102 events 473.78M records
Environmental assessment 7,519 events 326.43M records
Biosecurity management/planning 6,847 events 534.10M records
Citizen science 5,650 events 178.17M records
Conservation management/planning 5,221 events 545.60M records
Systematic research/taxonomy 4,239 events 112.34M records
Restoration/remediation 1,024 events 27.10M records
Other 56,761 events 2.61B records
TOTAL 1.67M events 15.71B records


Occurrence downloads by user type
Education20,984 events 1.47B records
Government10,613 events655.92M records
Other103,043 events 7.88B records
Unspecified 1.54M events 8.51B records
TOTAL events records
Species images   55,067
Taxa with images68,922
Species with images55,067
Subspecies with images3,189
Taxa with images from
Taxa with images from
citizen science
Total number of images1,357,439